Saturday, June 26, 2010

Travel Story: Sit back, relax and enjoy a Starbucks Coffee!

In all my almost-30 years of air travel, I have been extremely lucky to have most of my flights either taking off or landing on time. A trip to Jakarta on a budget airliner last year started my history of delayed flights...

When Eyjafjallajökull decided to erupt mid-April 2010, I was worried of having to cancel my Europe trip! At best, I was told, to expect a considerable amount of delays... And when departure day came, I was overjoyed as Eyjafjallajökull had decided to let me fly! So there I was, in Europe.

Then trouble struck. We were all already seated in the plane heading for Mykonos when the captain announced that we had to defer take off... some oil-drip situation on the wing, he said...

But the one hour delay (trapped in the plane!) was soon forgiven, when they started carting out refreshments...
My Colombia roast, from coast to coast!

There's nothing like having a freshly-brewed Starbucks to calm those nerves...

Several airlines have started serving Starbucks on board for a while now... Had always wanted to try them. Finally did!


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