Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Travel Story: Milano's ugly side...

Every city has its bad side. Any seasoned traveller can spend the next three days telling you the nightmares they had to face while trying to get acquainted with the local life... Scary? Sometimes...

Milan is the commercial hub of the northern Lombardy region of Italy. Seriously, there really isn't much tourist attractions that can place this city on par to other fashion capitals of the world. Who said that? I did.

I had done Rome, Venice and Florence - all very famous art capitals of Italy. Somehow, Milan didn't quite fit in with these three cities. The odd one out.

I tried to like Milan. I did, to a certain extent. My first impression of this city was marred by a group of over-zealous street peddlers... Afro peddlers. Not that I have anything against them, but they really were a nuisance!
He didn't like being photographed...

As if greeting visitors on behalf of the Duomo, they pop up right before your face, tying to sell you a wrist band which they claim to be "free"... The way to treat them is to smile at first, shake your head and move on. Ignore them.

Don't worry about being physically harassed. They wouldn't dare, as the Piazza del Duomo (the square fronting the Duomo) is heavily guarded round the clock.


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